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Does "cuteness" involve more than just good looks?

There are so many things that are cute about people, not just their looks. Many people do really cute things and have really cute attributes about them.

One thing that I think is the cutest are accents. Here is a guy that can do a dozen accents flawlessly, that to me is so cute, and hilariously funny too! What do you think? Listen...

A. YES! ... a person's personality can be so cute as to exceed any good looks they might have!
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B. The way a person speaks can be cute, like some foreign accents
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C. The way a person treats others can be cute
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D. A person's innocense can be cute, like the innocense of a baby
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E. The love that a parent has for their child and the child has for their parent can be so cute!
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F. OTHER, see my comments below, or just open the "Cuteness" survey
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Does "cuteness" involve more than just good looks?
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