5 mo

Can peer pressure also make you do wrong things?

Even though my parents were separated for the longest and they would yell at each other. I would only see my father on the weekends but otherwise, I had an ok upbringing.

However, since 4th grade I became friends with two known troublemakers. Let's call them Anthony and Mary. Neither of them care too much about school, both had bad upbringings and were truants. Then I went with them to the movies, skipping school for the first time.
The following year, we got busted for setting an unccupied car on fire (not my idea but I still brought the lighter), then sneaking in a house (the owners stepped out), stealing items and destroying the place.

My parents blamed it on those two friends and I was banned from seeing them.
5 mo
Before meeting them, I was never in any trouble. I was a shy girl.
Can peer pressure also make you do wrong things?
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