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Did I do something wrong with this customer?

I answered a phone call from a lady about trail conditions in the park I work in. She didn’t provide any context but mentioned she heard about a landslide on a trail that had recently happened. I informed her that the only landslide I knew about happened several months ago and pointed out where it was on a map.

She then started to tell me that the information she got from me and the other rangers was useless. I then informed her of a bridge over a river which I knew had been washed away. She interrupted me and started telling me that I should have mentioned that first and went off on me about my incompetence.

After she was through venting I said “ma’am, please calm down. It’s ok. There is no need to be upset. I’m just trying to figure out how to help you.” I continued to tell her about the conditions of that river crossing and how deep the water could potentially be. She then told me that I was still useless.

I told her that if she wanted to file a complaint about me I would direct her to the right person but I could not help her any further. She hung up.

Did I do anything wrong? I held my cool the entire time but I don’t understand how I set her off like that. What do you think?
Did I do something wrong with this customer?
Did I do something wrong with this customer?
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