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Why does gender matter?

To everyone, lgbt, not lgbt, wherever.
Why is gender such a big deal, do you agree that it is? or isn't

there's something I must be missing because I treat everyone equally and get weird looks and boys girlfreinds get shitty with me for "being nice to there boyfriends" apparently this equals "flirting"
But okay than.

And if we really want gender equality like men can be feminine, women can be masculine.. than why do we have so many people that feel they were born in the wrong body...
is it like you are implying girls MUST wear makeup to be a true girl
and boys must be masculine to be a true boy?
Whats so bad about someone born male at a young age wishing to wear dresses and makeup.. but not identifying as gay or a transgirl?

Why does society think personalities equal gender? and why do people in general think this way about the genders.

not tryna offend but this whole gender sht confuses me because I act masculine a lot, sometimes feminine but rarely.. but I'm super shy.. and straight.. but REALLY masculine and everyone thinks im transboy.. or demiboy but honestly Idrc for genders
oh well
--if TLDR
than just answer the question
It doesn't really
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Girls and Boys are different mentally not just psychically (explain please?)
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physical* I could never spell that fking word
Why does gender matter?
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