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Lots of issues, what to do?

my S/O of a couple years is really starting to push my buttons and I’m wondering what I can do. So these are the issues:
* I don’t feel appreciated
we constantly have this argument about being appreciated I constantly feel like I’m being “too clingy” but I’m always feeling alone and depressed because he’s always gaming and if he isn’t and we’re watching a movie together or eating dinner five minutes will go by and he’s on his phone playing games or watching something else (and yes we pick things he likes to watch too and he will still do this it is mostly because he is bored but it still bothers me )
* we keep coming around to this argument it involves work = I’ll be working three days in a week doing 8-9 hour shifts but if I say no to a shift I’m not rostered on. He will always get mad at me he even says I’m lazy. (I worked myself so much I could barely move). and I usually do accept shifts when I’m asked I don’t do it and that’s most of the time and yes for various reasons I won’t but very rarely which is why I’m always called in. but is it fair for him to get mad when I don’t take shifts?
I will bring up these things to him and automatically it will turn into an argument where no one wins.. and we just go off on our own.. until I apologise (because it’s near impossible for him to apologise)
if anyone can help that would be great I’m really confused and I honestly don’t know what to do, I don’t want to leave him if I can help it (because I care about him) but I am at my wits end.
5 d
Sorry I made a couple mistakes in my sentences I usually take shifts whenever I’m asked and I only don’t when there is something important that I have to do on that day
Lots of issues, what to do?
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