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Would you apologise for replying late?

By replying late, I mean more than 12h.

I was thinking about this because last night a guy mesagged me, we had known each other for a while up to that point. I was also traveling by train then, it was a long ride, and I only got home in the morning. So, after chatting a bit, I left his message for later and tried to sleep. When I arrived I forgot about it and went to sleep as sleeping on train didn't work. I woke up at 2 pm and realised I forgot about his messages, which were quite hitting on me, so I guess me not responding probably made him feel not very well. I finally answered his question and feel the need to apologise, even though I didn't explain why, thinking he'll guess I was trying to rest.

I don't usually apologise for replying late, but this made me think that maybe sometimes people should do that. Would you apologise for not replying in more than a few hours/days?
I would apologise, but I wouldn't tell them why
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I would apologise and explain myself
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I would only apologise if it was an urgent situation for them, and not for me
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I wouldn't apologise
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Would you apologise for replying late?
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