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Is this assessment fair?

This is in what I have experienced and how others treated me personally and yes this is on feminism!.

Feminists have informed me that they don’t support me cuz am trans and I have been treated well quite badly by them now with my own understanding off society see not only me but all trans people off late, I started too look around and I found a serval YouTubers who either are men that use female vocals or men who dress up as woman and "troll" others into thinking they are female than slamming them with their own guy voice. They get people praising them and laughing (I can see why it is funny and am guilty off doing it myself 😂) however when I do it I get slammed by nasty people cuz I transitioned into a girl so I think the guys that do it are either one off two things uncomfortable with their own sense off sexuality and gender I. D, the females that do it always in theses comments say "I wish I looked/sound that cute and am a "real girl". So it is jealousy now I have decided that as far as feminists are concerned they can go and do one am not interested anymore "fighting for woman’s rights" because they won’t fight for mine and here is a good one statically minority groups especially trans woman are more likely too suffer abuse both verbally and sexually and physically than any so called "real woman" yet you don’t hear us complaining into every known mic available. Then you have white cis straight people love too say that am mentally ill and crazy 🤪😏 when "real girls" were known for that for hundreds of years and even today, men don’t approach woman anymore because off it and the fact they shout "sexual abuse" cry and scream and shout when I don’t and I don’t even do that and yet I get told it is me transferral much? I refuse too help a set off people that only want me for something they need me for and when they got it they push me aside and say "your not a girl" every dating profile I have I get loads off men telling me am beautiful and sexy and cute.
Is this assessment fair?
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