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Do feminists not realize how bad they are?

It seems like almost all feminists like to believe most feminists are good, and that a small percentage of bad feminists give the entire group a bad name. It's like so called "feminazis" are a scapegoat that allows feminists to point their finger at someone else and say "they are the bad ones and we are the good ones".

But here's the thing... I have literally never met a feminist who was actually a genuinely good human being who cared equally about the well being of everyone, not just females. Every one of them is a self centered person with a victim complex who willingly would sacrifice the welfare of males for the benefit of females. They are all about division and fostering an us-versus-them mentality, but they hide behind a very biased notion of "equality". Those are not the qualities of a good person.

So my question is this, do these women just honestly not recognize that they are bad people?
Feminists don't realize they are bad people
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Do feminists not realize how bad they are?
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