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Who is the racist one, me or her?

So I got called racist and I don't think I am.

Basically my ex cheated on me with this blonde bimbo. I literally cannot stand her. Her and all her friends in HS were blonde and 98% were blonde hair and blue eyes.

This bitch called me a dirty Indian on IG using a troll account and lied.

She's a hairstylist now and 99.9% of her clientele is blonde and blue eyed. She dyes EVERYONE hair blonde even though it's ugly af and every single one of her blonde friends are like, omg how racist and how mean. Blondss have more fun blah blah blah.

My ex is obsessed with this vision of having a tall girlfriend with blonde hair and blue eyes to go live in California. They're not even compatible. They're always breaking up.

I dumped him because I'm BLACK. What the fuck do I look like? We're not gonna have pale skinned, blonde hair, or blue eyed babies. I'm petite, but a slim thick female. Not some blonde surfing bitch.

Then he starts blaming me for his relationship failing with the girl he cheated on me with and I haven't even spoken to him this whole year?

Men are stupid
Who is the racist one, me or her?
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