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Why would anyone want to kill their parents?

Perhaps if it was an extreme case of them trying to kill you or you were sexually molested for years, it might be justified.

In FL, a 17 year-old girl stole money from her parents' credit cards and hired hitmen to kill her parents. Her plan failed and obviously she's in jail.

My father isn't the best father ever and there were times he was a total jerk. I hated him for hitting my mother during arguments in past. I also hated him for hitting me with a damn belt for trivial things during my super early years.

The closest thing I've ever thought as a teen was bashing his head with a lamp but it was a very short-lived imagination; only lasting for a couple seconds. It's pretty much similar to when you just want to punch annoying people but don't do it.
To actually transform thoughts into actions and do it or hire hitmen? I would have to be a cold-blooded person. I don't wish death not even on my worst enemy. Someone proceeding to killing their parents seems like a strange concept to me.
Why would anyone want to kill their parents?
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