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How to be sure if I am an INFJ?

I took the personality test a few years ago and I got INFJ. I totally related to description of this type. And earlier this year I took it again and got INFJ, but a month or two I got an INFP. I don't know who I am anymore, mostly because I talked to a friend who is an INTJ, we always argue about how I am too emotional and how she is too rational. She also said that maybe I am INFP, because she knows another girl who is INFJ and whom she can relate to more than me. I also read that I am suppose to be into philosophy, but I am really not, although I am always thinking about what's my meaning and constatntly trying to find it somewhere. Also I read that there are unhealthy INFJ who are not true to themselves, and I am really confused about if I am am an INFJ or INFP.
How to be sure if I am an INFJ?
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