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Do you feel like you defend your gender, or the opposite gender, more often?

Do you feel like you defend your gender, or the opposite gender, more often?
I've been working on a theory here.

I've been watching relationship reality stuff on TV for years. My poor husband has been subjected to it, being in the same room. He's pretty good at blocking external stimuli out, but ya know, some definitely goes in, whether he likes it or not. These people used to quite often infuriate him. I would be talking at the TV sometimes, and he would be silent, brooding, shaking his head. But eventually, we got to a point where we both watch together, and instead of him being silent, he started making lots of interesting comments and giving his opinions about what was going on - yay, much more fun for me. (These people are on TV for a reason - they're outrageous sometimes, which can be very entertaining. But actually a lot of it is just regular human stories, quite common things many people go through.) Anyway, I noticed a pattern, where he would agree with the woman and criticize the man. Finally, recently, we got to the bottom of this. (Well, I gave my theory and he agreed, "yes, that's it!") Women talk way more. 20,000 wpd vs. 7000. More words means more you have to absorb. And with him only partially listening, he ended up missing many of the details of what the women say, not the men who speak less. So he was basing his conclusions of what's wrong in their relationship, etc. on not all the info. But I saw it as him aligning with the women more, being more sympathetic to them, when often times, as fault is gender-random, they did not deserve all the sympathy. Also, we probably don't have to put as much effort into understanding our own kind. We all know our own sex more. We're on the inside already.
It's been interesting. And now he's figured out how to laugh at them, treat it more as a distant sociological study, or as entertainment, nothing to get worked up about. (And weed and vodka sure helps make things seem funnier.)

But anyway, got me thinking, do you defend one gender more than the other?
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Do you feel like you defend your gender, or the opposite gender, more often?
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