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What is your current struggle in life?

Is there anything in your life, either about yourself (qualities, habits, features, way of thinking etc.) or your life in general (social life, family situation, career and so on), that you want to change? And do you have strategi for how to change it?

For me I would like to have a better mental and emotional health. I would like to be better at:
- communicating my feelings ( only people I have ever managed to cry in front of, when it regards things aren't tradegies (loss of a family member e. g.) are therapists
- being kind to myself/be a friend towards myself. When i struggle im not the kindest to myself

I would love to comfortable enough to be myself close to 100%, especially with close friends. Im a person who can discuss my feelings without actually expressing them to that person. For example; I can talk about being sad about something, but actually crying and showing that im sad is extremely hard for me

In terms of handling my issues my strategi is:
- being more open to people, initiate social gatherings to get to know more people and getting to know people better
- I try to go to a therapist
- stop myself if I start with negative self talk, and change the way I talk to myself
- listen to podcasts about my ways of thinking, why some ways of thinking occure and how to deal with it
What is your current struggle in life?
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