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Why are shopping malls dying but shopping plazas still seem to thrive?

Kind of a fluff question but I was just thinking about it. I recently moved back to the area I grew up in and I’ve kind of been doing all these nostalgia tours where I just drive around places I used to drive when I was a teenager. It’s pretty crazy to see how much has changed in only 20 years or so. Like 20 years is kind of a long time but it’s not like a century, you know? But a lot of buildings and businesses that I just considered mainstays are gone in favor of new, less cool shit, like storage facilities and whatnot.

Anyway, I stopped by a shopping mall I used to hang out at as a teenager, and I was shocked to walk in and find that it’s like a month from shutting down to be demolished. Almost everything besides Macy’s and Sears is empty and caged up. It was kind of cool walking around and remembering where old now-defunct stores were, but also kind of sad. “Oh, that’s where Child World was where I’d get my parents to buy me He-Man and G. I. Joe toys. I used to buy CASSETTES at MusicSmith. I’d get my AC Slater-issue Z. Cavaricci pleated pants and silk dress shirts at Chess King, and stop over there for an Orange Julius...”

Thing is, they’re replacing the mall with a shopping plaza. A lot of the same stores, but outdoor entrances rather than within a building. I know online shopping is killing brick-and-mortar stores, but what’s the difference between a mall or plaza store? I almost think people have gotten too lazy to walk around a mall and want to drive right up lmfao.

Hanging at the mall was EVERYTHING when I was teenager, that was just what you did on many weekend nights. That got me wondering... what do teenagers even do nowadays? Do you just hang out at someone’s house and take Instagram pics together or what? Lmao, I don't know, feels like the end of an era, and it makes me feel sad/old😂

What do you guys think the reason is though? Would you rather go to an indoor mall, outdoor plaza? And why?

Bonus videos of that mall in the 80s, 10/10 hair😂
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@JimRSmith @Izumiblu @CHARismatic110 Totally forgot I even asked this lmao. Since you all kind of had the same general gist to your answers I’ll just respond to you en masse.

So yeah, I guess it’s that combo of online shopping plus rent, etc. One thing about plazas vs malls, the plazas usually seem to have bigger stores, large chains. In the mall you might have that locally owned guitar shop or custom airbrushing on t-shirts or what have you. Maybe those little guys are priced out altogether.
Why are shopping malls dying but shopping plazas still seem to thrive?
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