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Does he likes me or he just friendly?

Theirs this boy I like but he’s older than me but we can’t be together. I really like him but I don’t know if he likes me but my friends keep telling me he likes me but I think their playing with me one day he found my instagram and I don’t know how I asked my friend and she said he ask her and she gave it to him so he’s been watching my story everyday. But one time i post this video of me dancing on my story and he told me to sit the fuck down. And he lives close by so when I go to his neighborhood to meet up with my friend he says mean thing to me and when I get mad or pissed I hit him and he pulls my hair and sometimes I don’t say or do nothing I just sit their and he comes and pull my hair and call me a dog. And when I go outside he watches me and my friends always get mad at him because he always watching and doesn’t even say nothing but sometimes I catch him looking at me and when I look at him he will still keep looking at me he always calls me a dog or a little dog so I can get mad but one day I was looking for my stuff and it was gone his friend and him to my stuff so I was fighting them to get it back and he had his charge with him so he told his friend to hold me down and I told him I was sorry and he was laughing and smiling so he grabbed me by my ankle and turned me around and start whipping my with the charger and I got mad and start cursing at him and he kept whipping so he stopped and kept on laughing his friend let go of me and I got up and he kept telling me to turn around and bend over and I told him no he start smiling at me and I told them i better not have no Welp and he said let me see and I had tights on and he just kept looking at me when I moved around but he still watches me everyday but does this sound like he likes me or he just being funny and friendly.
Does he likes me or he just friendly?
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