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Senior Pictures : Tux Or Drape?

I’m a High School Senior, 17, and senior pictures are coming up soon. You know, where the girls wear drapes (shoulder-less, V-neck thingy) and the guys wear tuxedos. I don’t want to wear the drape because it makes me uncomfortable, I’m also really insecure about my boy-ish body and it’d look really silly on me. I’m also not really a “girly-girl”. I feel like I’d be a lot more confident wearing a Tuxedo... it sounds kind of dumb, but I just don’t like those drapes. Is it so weird for me to want to wear a Tux for my senior photos?

I don't know, what do you random strangers think?
Senior Pictures : Tux Or Drape?
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Senior Pictures : Tux Or Drape?
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