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Is atheism really more rational?

I see all the time how they come up with assumptions to explain things that are out of the ordinary and would hint towards afterlife, spirits, gods. There are many problems with this attitude:

1. Their explanations are just assumptions mostly, biased assumptions. So from this point of view they are no better than theists. Instead they could just acknowledge that they don't know.

2. It is not it is either all fake or real. So let's assume there are spirits in this world and we have proof of them. That doesn't prove everything else that a specific religion would say unless we would have proof of that as well. So in this case, evidence of spirits wouldn't prove heaven&hell's existence. Maybe there is a piece of truth in many religions. Who knows?

3. Not ackownledging something or thinking it is unlikely to exist is different from claiming it doesn't exist. Many atheist i see act like they are 99% sure anything religious is false, when in reality we don't know.

I think it is more rational to accept you don't know and if you have an opinion on a subject that is not well studied to think whether is likely or not, not to act like you are certain. I am not religious anyway.
Is atheism really more rational?
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