Coloured folk, do you wish you could blush like white people?

One of the advantages of being white is the ability to change colour according to mood, a useful trait we share with squid. Although limited to various subtle shades of pink it allows us to convey silently a range of emotions, embarrassment, anger, sexual interest, and so on. A simple colour change let's a guy know by your interested without saying a word. It let's you tell your SO he's embarrassing you.
I believe the inability to communicate through colour change is the biggest cause of racism in modern society. Take a typical scenario, a man in a social gathering makes a minor faux pas. How does his partner signal her feelings on the matter? A white girl merely quietly flashes the appropriate shade of red, which immediately and discreetly let's him no he's stepped out of line. Now compare how a black women deals with the same scenario, exaggerated gesturing, yelling, perhaps even violence. All because of the lack of squid like ability.

Do you think this is a white blessing or a curse?
Are you capable of interpreting our subtle colour changes or can white people read them?
Coloured folk, do you wish you could blush like white people?
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