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What is wrong with me?

I'm almost positive someone will report me or whatever. And that's fine. In used 2 it. And this is sorta a rant to myself kinda maybe I don't know. Bit for some fucking reason the last month and a half something has been terribly wrong with me and my emotions. If anyone knows me here they know very well my suffering with depression and past suicide attempt. And that I haven't tried in over 2 years and haven't really wanted 2. But 4 some fucking reason this past month all I can think about is that. Literally I can't look at anything right now without thinking how it can kill me. Or how I can use it to hurt myself. And yes I have meds. And see a therapist when I can afford to. It was actually helping up until this weird glitch with myself that I don't know what is going on at all
What is wrong with me?
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