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Do I have PTSD?

Back when I was about thirteen, my family and I were in the car on a holiday. My father was extremely hysterical because of something small that had upset him, and he was crying while telling us he was going to kill us by driving full-speed into a tree. This was in the middle of nowhere Germany with a mountain on the left side and a cliff on the right side of the road. I thought he was really going to kill us.

I completely forgot it happened until about a year later when I read the message I sent my friend about the situation. I never really talk to anyone about it and none of my friends even know this has happened. Once, during a drama period, we all had to talk about a moment in our life that shocked us the most. When it was my turn to speak, I decided to tell them that story. The class was very small and other people all told very personal stories, so I felt it was a safe place to talk about it. When I tried to explain what had happened, I immediately started crying and hyperventilating and I barely even got through half of what had happened before my teacher snapped me out of it and told me it was okay to stop. It's very hard for me to think about the situation and it creeps up on me on unexpected moments.

I know that every time I think or try to talk about what happened, it will become easy for me to get sucked in and end up as a huge, crying mess. I'm aware that if I want to know if this is PTSD or not, I should consult a doctor. There are some things that are currently holding me back from doing so, but I just want to know whether my response to what happened is okay or if I'm just exaggerating...
Thank you in advance.
Do I have PTSD?
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