Do you have a funny/humiliating/humbling moment you'd like to share?

Flashback to 2014: I was dropping my daughter off at school and I stepped in the biggest pile of dog poop known to mankind. Before I realized it was dog poop, I was scraping what I thought was MUD all over the concrete entrance to the facility. That's when the smell hit me. Not only was the entire entryway destroyed, my shoe was covered up to the fabric sides with poop. There was no way to get it off. I couldn't take my shoe into my car or into my work and I didn't have time to drive all the way home. The shoe was totally ruined so I threw it in the dumpster. I drove to Walmart and walked in like a deranged person with only one shoe on and of course, I couldn't find the shoe department because it wasn't my local store. So I had to ask someone where the shoe department was and of course the group of ladies working there all looked down at my feet before telling me it was way the hell in the back of the store. I couldn't find anything in my size other than a pair of flip flops, which I put on before paying for. I looked everywhere for someone that worked there so I could explain that I was holding the tag and planned on paying for them. I could just envision being arrested for stealing a pair of flip flops and having to explain all this. The lady that I explained this to looked at me like I was absolutely insane. At the moment, I definitely was feeling it.
Do you have a funny/humiliating/humbling moment youd like to share?
Do you have a funny/humiliating/humbling moment you'd like to share?
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