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Curious, which person do you prefer?

not restricted to dating, could be which person you'd prefer to have as a friend. I don't know they're like contrasting characters. Tried to think up a lot of traits for each type of person, one's darker while the other is lighter in personality lol.
1) Mature, responsible, smart, has some form of minor mental illness (depression, anxiety, eating disorder, etc. which ever), dependable, mysterious, dark. Someone you can go to for a serious talk or if you need advice. Has more of a pokerface and is pessimistic. Prefers being alone. Independent, fully supports your choices, thinks more logically than emotionally. Awkward with emotions so they aren't the best at cheering you up or with their words when happy for you. Puts others first, makes decisions that will benefit their future and values family. More of a good girl.
2) Cheerful, bright, optimistic, smiles/laughs a lot, easy going and down to hang out anytime. Mentally healthy. Can't really be serious often, jokes around, really social. Not the smartest nor the most responsible. Reckless and impulsive but caring. Comfortable with emotions and able to react to your emotions more easily. Can be dependent on you sometimes. Can be selfish and often makes bad decisions. More of a bad girl.
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Curious, which person do you prefer?
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