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Have you ever had a rival?

So in high school there was another sprinter from another high school who was my rival.

But it was always friendly.

I was her only real challenge and she was my only challenge.

Unfortunately she got the better of me more than I got the better of her.

But when we met it brought that extra level that I didn't know I had because I knew it was the only way I could beat her.

I'm woman enough to admit she's the better sprinter. Even got scholarships to bigger schools.

It was always my favorite meets i looked forward to it.

If I lost it was devastating. Losing to her would always upset me more than any other loss.

But when I won I was in euphoria.

Even now in college I never had a fun rivalry like that one.

I am actually still very close to her and we keep i touch because of the mutual respect our rivalry had.
Have you ever had a rival?
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