The most embarrassing moment of my life?

So something really embarrassing happened today.
I borrowed a guy from class my phone cause the teacher took his. I left while he borrowed it cause I was picking up my best friend, which took about 7 minutes. When I came back him AND MY CRUSH was all over MY Snapchat and Facebook/messenger!! And my crush noticed that he was my number 2 best friend on snap which is SO embarrassing because we’ve only text ONES, and the fact that he became my number 2 top best friend from that is humiliating!! And they also checked how few people I got on snap. and if that isn’t enough my crush saw that he was the only person who could see my private story. Yup, I made a private story only for him to see... And also they checked how few people I text on messenger, and they saw my memories on Snapchat which is so embarrassing. aaand my best friend found out too and she found out that I’ve posted very nasty stuff of myself on that private (underwear pics) and She was so disgusted that she removed me from every single social media and she told the whole school.
All of this happened today, and i was so embarrassed that I left school. I don’t know how to handle this, how come I ever show up again after this? I can’t confront any of them cause now everyone knows that I’m a lonely weird freak. I feel suicidal cause everyone hates me at school and everybody is talking about this.
The most embarrassing moment of my life?
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