Have You Ever Sounded "Important" To Someone😂?

I have even though I'm not, today specifically😂:

It was our break and I was on my computer and I got an email:

My friend: "What's that?"

Me: "Meh, just something about a meeting."

My friend: "You must be important if you get invited to meetings."

Me:😂"No dude, I'm not important I'm just some kid who attends the meetings and tries to understand what they're talking about😂I'm literally the youngest there, the next youngest person is 24"

My friend: "Do you ever feel like you shouldn't be there because you're young?"

Me: "Nah, I mean it does feel a little weird sometimes, and for someone who doesn't know me- it's probably confusing because I know I'm 17 but I look about 12 or 13"

My friend: "They're probably thinking: 'Oh WoW wHo BrOuGhT ThEiR kId HeRe?"😂😂

Me: "I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they did😂Most of the time I just say nothing, and listen to them😂So I'm definitely not important😂😂"
Have You Ever Sounded "Important" To Someone😂?
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