Is Adulthood a Myth?

Is Adulthood a Myth?
I bring it up only because since turning 40 the "adults" that I deal with aren't really all there, mentally that is. An argument could be made for life chewing you up a bit after surviving as long as you have but that's a given. But does anyone ever truly grow up? I still have toys, games, play-doh and crayons floating around my place with no kids around for plausible deniability on my part.

I mean I can react to a crisis a bit faster and dare say a little bit wiser than a small child could but beyond that I'm still looking for the adult in the room. The older I get the more I see that no matter who you look at we're all just a bunch of over-grown toddlers running around. No real plan here just better insurance.
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Is Adulthood a Myth?
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