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Would you rather be able to pause time or quicksave?

Pausing time means to... well... pause time whenever you want. Nobody and nothing except you can move (unless you are touching it and moving it yourself). With enough focus and training, you may eventually be able to bring another living person (or animal) into the unfrozen world.

Quicksave means that at any given moment you can save your current state like a videogame, and you can reload it as many times as possible. When you reload, you will keep any knowledge gained before the load. However, you only get one save slot, which can be overwritten. This gives you a dilemma in itself - will you save regularly in order to fix small mistakes (or do other things), or will you save as soon as you get the power and never save again so you can reload to a younger age when you're getting old?

You can tell people about your powers, but they will likely think you are crazy. Say anything about the future, and you might just end up face to face with the Men in Black.

Didn't expect to type so much for a question that's probably going to get like 2 answers, but oh well.
Pause Time
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Quicksave (I will save regularly)
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Quicksave (Save as early as possible, then go back when I'm older)
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Would you rather be able to pause time or quicksave?
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