Do you guys think that my sister's guy friend likes me?

I first met him last year and we both started talking to each other when we didn't have class running.

When we first started speaking, it would only be about school. As, we got to know each other better, we would then talk about anything, but not all the time.

When I had social media such as Facebook and Instagram, he would consistently like all of my posts and watch my stories.

This year, I was going through some family issues along with my sister and he was generally concerned about the situation and offered me a place to stay.

However, I said that I didn't want to put any pressure on him and he said that it was fine and was concerned.

He also told me to contact him if I'm not okay.

Also, my sister, his friend and I all spoke amongst each other with their group of friends and I noticed that this guy couldn't keep his eyes off me.

Also my sister was pushing him around and they started laughing with each other whilst looking at my sister's phone and I then said "What's going on? Is there something that I don't know about?" and they both said that it was nothing and continued like nothing ever happened.

Also a few months ago, it was my birthday and my sister invited him to our place for a bit and he said Happy Birthday and then gave me a hug.

I also told my sister to hurry up and become legal so that she can be able to come to the club and I asked him if he would come to the club for my birthday this year and he said "Yeah, sure!" and laughed at my joke that had been aimed towards my sister.

He also said that I've come a long way and gone so far in life, considering I had been going through so much. He generally laughs at a lot of my jokes and we generally bond pretty well.

Recently, my sister showed me a post that he sent to her with my name on it and I started laughing because I found it funny and she told him that.

Sorry for asking this question again. I just needed more opinions.
Do you guys think that my sister's guy friend likes me?
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