Can my mom get a restraining order against my girlfriend?

Me and my girlfriend are both 17 1/2, but my mom read the messages on one of our worst days and thinks she's playing me, but she's not. We talked about everything, dealt with it, worked through everything, changed a few things, and we've been doing better, but my mom is forcing me to either stop talking to her, or she's going to get a restraining order against her. Can she do that even though there was never any alleged domestic violence, child abuse, assault, harassment, stalking, or sexual assault? I'm just someone who's been very insecure lately and gets extremely jealous easily, even over little things ever since my last 2 girls, and I'd end up doing things like drinking or become a little suicidal. We had 2 weeks of insecurity, anger, depression, and jealousy because of her guy bestfriend, me saying things that would make her feel uncomfortable, hurt her, or make her mad, and her being jealous and hurt about my female friends and all the other girls I talk to. Like I said, other than those 2 weeks, we've been ok and better after talking about everything and working it out. She's the only person that's really been making me happy ever since we met.
Can my mom get a restraining order against my girlfriend?
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