What should I do about my neighbours trespassing onto my property to take my cat and kill her?


its been 3 days since my cat vanished without a trace...

my cat was lovely, well looked after, fed and everything. Only downside to her, was that she disliked using a litter box for poops, she preferred to go outside. She not long had her last litter of kittens (before we sprayed her), she left behind 4 kittens. Which is sad, the 1 we currently have has been very clingy towards me (the other 3 went to loving homes) . Since the disappearance of the mum cat, when we let her out she never goes anywhere, she stays in our front yard and lays in out garden or on a chair to await us to let her back in (she's normally outside for a hour tops, before we let her back in and then dont let her out after 5pm). Only on Sunday she was gone and without a trace, we became suspicious with our neighbours as they dislike cats, threatened to dump a little girls kitten and were acting very strange to us yesterday (like they wave and say hello, yesterday they death stared us and my mum seen them leaving their house at 8am. They are the kinds of people to never leave their house or are only seen when walking their dog). We have high suspicions they walked into our yard (we noticed shoe prints not made by any of us) and killed her and dumped her little body somewhere (we have come to terms with her being killed, as she would of found her way home already).

i know its not a lot of evidence we have, but i want revenge for her soul, that was cut short and all i want to do is have her little body, so i can put her soul at rest, im not really 1 for revenge. But they need a little medicine for being gutless swines. Anything i can do for a little revenge, nothing too extreme, like maybe a fartbomb in their car (something like a prank, with no repercussions). I know people would expect me to be mortified, but honestly I've been so upset, im really emotionally exhausted 😩 especially spending 3 nights with no sleeping looking for her
What should I do about my neighbours trespassing onto my property to take my cat and kill her?
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