Do you buy things on credit or do you save up?

So I heard that in other countries (especially in the US) people usually buy things on credit and pay those things off later on or in installments. In Germany that behavior is highly unusual, especially among low income households. We prefer not to spend money we don't have and save it up instead.
It is not unheard off to take on a loan but those things are usually reserved to big investments like cars or real estate that would be nearly impossible to save up to in a timely manner and it is really only 'socially acceptable' if you have a stable income.

Personally I would not take on a loan and especially not chose any payment installment plans. I have a very tight and rigid financial plan, no credit card (they're not needed in germany anyways) and my bank account cannot be overdrawn. I live on a tight budget but by cutting corners intelligently and doing without some things i don't need, I get to enjoy many more things that enhance my quality of life without spending money that I have not yet earned.
Do you buy things on credit or do you save up?
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