How can I accept that I’ll never find love?

Over the last 3 years I’ve realized that I’m nowhere near being ready for a relationship, and nowhere near likeable enough.

And even if I was financial stable, subjectively attractive to all women, and a totally nice person I’d still be undateable.

I deal with anxiety about almost everything so if I had a girlfriend my anxiety would translate. “Who’s the new coworker she’s mentioning?” “What’s she doing at the club with her friends?” So there’s that.

Then there’s my paranoia about her dying in a car crash, getting a disease, having a stroke, etc.

Then there’s my annoyance of people not sharing the same opinions. So if I had a girlfriend and she let’s say thinks something like this pandemic isn’t a big deal I’d be highly annoyed.

My mind is ruined. I’ve lost all trust in almost everyone. I have stress over thoughts like this daily.

So I will be forever alone.

How do I accept that?
How can I accept that I’ll never find love?
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