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Are exceptionally altruistic people born or made?

Several years ago I met a matured, selfless 9 year-old boy. He gave out his lunch to a starving toddler and another time to someone homeless. He also once called animal control to get a rattlesnake relocated and kept insisting to find it a good, safe home so people don't hurt it.

This kid hated bullying too and once got punched for defending someone... then he reported it, insisting actions to be done. Overall, he seemed like a real example of a decent, altruistic person.

He's now 21 years old involved in the medicine field. Till this day he goes out of his way helping others, giving food to those currently affected. His personality remained the same. Are people like that born or made?
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As a kid, he seemed beyond his years and with a kind heart. Now, he's doing more than what he could back then. Sadly... these people are rare.
Are exceptionally altruistic people born or made?
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