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How do you feel about these Positivity statements?

1. You will get over it soon.

2. Just be positive.

3. Positive vibes only.

4. Stop being negative all the time.

5. Think happy thoughts.

6. Never quit. Never give up. Ever!

7. Just stop being sad and be happy instead!

8. Always look for the positive, even in a negative situation.

9. Don’t talk about what’s wrong. Just forget it and stay positive.

10. Failure is never an option.

11. Everything will get sorted by the end.

12. I did it. So you can do it too.

13. Get rid of negativity.

14. It could be much worse.
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Thank you all. You're right. Actually, these are titled "Toxic Positivity". Well, it's better to not label them as toxic. There's a comment (on Pinterest) suggesting it would rather be called "ineffective" ways to encourage people.

And here are the supportive version of these lines.

Acceptance, Support & Validation

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Acceptance, Support & Validation

1. You’ve survived hardships before and I believe in you.
2. I know it’s difficult right now and things can easily go wrong. But let’s think about what can go right?
3. All energy is natural. Learn to accept both bad and good vibes.
4. It’s okay if you are feeling negative right now. It doesn’t have to define you.
5. It’s alright if you aren’t positive and happy right now. Feel your emotions & let it pass naturally. My best wishes are always with you.
How do you feel about these Positivity statements?
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