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My boyfriend doesn’t get my bullying trauma. How do I get him to understand?

I had a very traumatic bullying incident when I was in high school and it scarred me mentally for life. I even had to see a psychiatrist for months for me to try to get pass the whole incident.

Fast forward, I began living with my boyfriend's family for 4 years. His sister and I didn't really get along in the first place but there wasn't any signs of it. We just didn't talk to each other at all.

So in May this year when we were on lockdown she went into rage mode and showing all kind of aggression towards me in her actions by slamming the door super hard when I am outside, locking the kitchen door to prevent me from going in for hours (the toilet is in the kitchen-i had to go to the nearest petrol station for me to brush teeth and use the toilet), she would eat all the food the mom cooked so that my boyfriend and I dont get to (she in nature doesn't eat much.) it has gotten to the point whenever she slides the door... i would start to shake but i tried to hide it for months with a smile and acted like it didn't bother me.

In reality, what she did triggered the feeling I had whole bullying episode i had in high school and I felt like I was reliving it again.

It gotten to the point where I moved back to my country to just get away from her. However, now when I try to explain the situation to my boyfriend when he asked me to forgive her... trying to let him know how his sister triggered me and how just by talking about her... my hands trembled... he wld dismiss everything saying that I am trembling because im angry.. that what I am feeling is not due to the trauma I had... that I should let time heal.

But what I am trying to tell him is that what she did to me triggered the whole episode again and caused me to have loss of sleep, trembling and it felt like walls were crumbling. I guess people who has not been a victim of bullying cnt relate.

How do I get him to understand?
My boyfriend doesn’t get my bullying trauma. How do I get him to understand?
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