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Do you think you accept yourself?

As to me I maybe/probably want to think I do, but IF I really do I don't know I think.

I was currently thinking about posting some particular questions and by thinking about it I understood that It might be that I don't.

Like at least at some times it is like I am ashamed or uneasy about being me, which I can only recognize in how I don't do some certain harmless things when there is no reason not to do them.

(Obviously I am purposely omitting elaborations on what exactly these questions were, but to not let some funny assumptions arise let me say that the uncertainty had to do largely with unhumbleness and self-centralism.)

For clarification: abstainment from doing them is not a reason for some real discomfort to me, ridiculously I am okay with such maybe inconvenient seeming occurences.
Do you think you accept yourself?
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