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You must not live for yourself? You must TRULY live for others? Thoughts?

I mean everything. Socially and personally.

Don't get me wrong. I am nothing like that now and I know and mean it. And that is sad and wrong, completely wrong.

Our problem is that the very underlyings of our beings (not of all people of course, YOU have to decide whether it applies to you, I am not asserting anything to you personally, but to some "us") target more or less one thought: how do I make myself and my own life happy? Even helping others can be just a facade, facade that covers our true self from us.

In the past it was different. Many people lived for their family, they lived to serve their political or social ideals, they lived to give society something etc.

Now on the surface we do all the same things, go to work, study, spend time with our friends, defend our political or social ideals. BUT what we are inside (again many of us and probably the majority, not everyone of course) is a self-absorbed being.

We go to a job to make career and not to serve society, we defend our ideals to defend OUR ideals. We help people, because it's an interesting way to spend time. We look for friends and partner who make US happy in the first place.

Everywhere on the social networks, in "self-help books", even in modern popular psychology - everywhere the question is "How to make YOUR life / YOURSELF happy?"

People from the past didn't ask this question. They simply lived and did what they felt right, they did not explicitly think about themselves. They probably never had thoughts like how can I maky myself happy, why am I unhappy. And this was their blessing.

If you are up to it and care and are one of the people who need to do it, try to change your very underlyings to be not for yourself on the deepest level of existence. I will do it though I feel that it'll be very difficult but somehow I will manage to do it naturally. I believe to understand now what the one true problem is, it's not self-asorbedness in thoughts it's self-absorbedness BEFORE thoughts.
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I have to emphasize that this change you should see and feel in your life. It's not just about how you change your thinking. It should be all in actions as well, in real actions in how you choose the actions and why you choose them with complete absolute self-honesty and with no thinking that digs to deep by that. And the final result should be overwhelming and general, the final result should be another being. If you are one of rotten-core-people like me. (Now I MEAN it, it's not an exaggeratio
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And if you are able to perform it like that (I have to confess that I am not yet able to do it, I am simply not able I have to acknowledge it.) the change itself, it's cause and purpose should be not for you but for others. That is hypothetically possible if you can reverse something in the depths of yourself in the very beginning. Even before you can complete the whole process.
You must not live for yourself? You must TRULY live for others? Thoughts?
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