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How to handle this regret, Read description. ?

Today one female beggar came and asked for money, I denied her because I believe that one shouldn't donate to people who can work properly. I denied but she was not ready to move. I shouted and scolded her but all in vain. She made me so angry. In anger I took a stick and hitted her lightly. I know that I hitted her lightly and it doesn't hurt her. She started crying. At that movement I felt she was pretending and maybe she might be pretending. I know and I understand I did wrong by hitting her which I shouldn't. After cursing me she left. I discussed with my family and I found today it was death anniversary of my grandmother. I think it might be a coincidence but I am feeling guilty of hitting that innocent female beggar who was just 13-15 year old girl. How should I handle my regret?
How to handle this regret, Read description. ?
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