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Why do we get lazy when we don't have true hardships and difficult obstacles?

I've heard several successful stories about people born without a limp or underwent horrific accidents, who manage to progress in life and are even able to do more feats than the average person without those obstacles.

I'll give you a true example:
This guy suffered horrific burns up to 95% of his body when he was only 4 years old. He's now 20 years old, wants to become a model and is already into bodybuilding. He does way more exercise than I do. I can only do 10 push-ups along with other workouts and I'm already tired after 15 mins or so.
My younger 18 year-old brother lays on the bed practically all day long and just recently learn how to do basic functions. Sometimes he complains about having it so hard in life and how he wants to already have his first relationship, his first date. Yet he does nothing but whine and moped in the house.

So basically that poor guy that had horrible burns and has a good damn reason to be laying in bed and depressed, he's being active and pursuing his dreams meanwhile my brother and others that have no excuse at all, have 2 arms and 2 legs, never underwent a life altering event, isn't burnt nor crippled... get lazy and do nothing. Why is that?
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My brother whines and complains about wanting to lose his virginity (as if that was the end of the world) but yet others who underwent terrible events and have a real valid reason to complain are doing what my brother and other aren't doing... actually get up, get motivated, pursue their goals and make it very far in life.
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I'm honestly ashamed that people who got no reason to be lazy, to get all depressed and do nothing in life... stay behind while others who suffered unfortunate circumstances went out of their ways to get what they wanted.
Why do we get lazy when we don't have true hardships and difficult obstacles?
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