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Does my dog look like she’s part Labrador?

My demon child
My demon child
This is my dog Stormy. I adopted her about 3 months ago. She was only about 8 old when I got her. The rescue told me that she was a Black Lab Mix and it says that on all her paperwork. When she was younger she definitely looked like a lab puppy except for her ears. But now that she’s growing bigger and maturing she looks like she’s just a pitbull. I’ve been doing some reading and I read that some rescues purposely mislabel pitbulls as other mixed breeds to get them adopted faster. Or maybe she’s just half pit half lab. I don’t really mind if she’s just a pitbull, I’m just curious about what she is. She’s a super friendly dog and she’s really smart too, but a lot of people get scared of her already and she’s only 30 lbs and only as tall as my shins.
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Does my dog look like she’s part Labrador?
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