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Who was more cruel/evil?

In this true story, who do you think was more cruel/evil?

- My cousin who got arrested at age 10 and 7 months in 2010. She was detained for 6 years for charges of GBH (grievous bodily harm) and torture on 2 smaller boys, property damage and animal cruelty, including poisoning someone's pets

- Her mother (my aunt) who sometimes took drugs and come home drunk. At times she beat her daughter or submerged her head under a tub of cold water as punishment until she started coughing. Then she would leave her daughter for hours, alone with drunk men she dated. She was unaware that some were pedophiles.

- The sexual predators that did nasty things to her from an early age and one of them got her pregnant. However, she had a miscarriage (she had just turned 11 by then) while detained. One of her molesters is currently still locked up and had to be transferred elsewhere after several convicts wanted to beat him.
Your cousin
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She would visit her father (divorced man) on Fridays after school, Sat and Sun. He didn't know any of that was happening. He was clueless about everything till it was too late.
Who was more cruel/evil?
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