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Do you ever wonder if there are different breeds of humans?

Not to sound like I’m self gloating or anything, that isn’t my intent, but sometimes I look around and there are just so many dumb people out there. It’s like they’ve lost their minds somehow. There is a meme about it where it refers to a mass collective of people as NPC’s as in a non-player character in a video game, where they are programmed to do what they do within the game world and that’s it. There is no conscious force behind it directing what it does, as a human controlled player.

Now I don’t think it’s quite that black and white, and to clarify right now, I am not talking about racial differences in anyway, because race doesn’t impact what I’m talking about at all. The same discrepancies remain within racial categories, but there are lots of people out there that just don’t mesh well with others, people may be intellectually much smarter and more productive than others, whether it’s due to upbringing, nature v. nurture, it’s all a factor in the equation. BUT it doesn’t stop there, not even close. Some people may be high functioning but still hold toxic viewpoints and I’d argue it’s very apparent over politics. Some are so stuck in their ways and lack an open mind over a lot of these things where it further causes more division amongst ourselves. Some lack an ability to analyze things critically, or appreciate something that doesn’t appeal to them on an immediate surface level.

People are complex beings no question but are there different breeds or “levels” of humanity? I am starting to wonder. It’s almost like there are people blindly cling to their identity, and all that goes with it, while others simply transcend it.
Do you ever wonder if there are different breeds of humans?
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