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Wtf is up with this dude?

There's this guy, he's 21 and he's a pro gamer. He's one of the best players in the european league at his position top 3. So not only did he make it he's actually good even among pro players and is a guy that people know about. So you'd think he'd be kind of competitive right? Someone who wants to be the best he can be and take on the best players in the world.
His team sucked last season so he was gonna leave and he could chose any team in the league except where the other top 3 top laners play and even there he might've had a chance.

But instead he went to North America. This question is not to flame NA but in this game he's playing NA is just not as good and they won't be in the future either. The competitive regions are China, Europe and Korea and that's it, the others are in the background. The only reason to chose North America is that they pay more money than in Europe.

But I really don't understand how someone like this would chose to waste his potential like this for a little more money. Keep in mind he would already make a lot of money in Europe probably like 4-500k a year just from salary and can make extra money streaming and prize money etc. So it's not like he'll starve. He'll make even more money now but he'll play in a worse league against worse players he'll get worse practise he'll be in a less competitive environment and he'll probably never make a run at an international tournament. His own skill will decline because of his decision and soon he'll just be a mediocre player cashing checks and waiting for his career to be over. This has happened to a lot of imports. I honestly can't understand why you'd chose to be a pro gamer in the first place if at the first opportunity you'd sell out like that.

I think it's pretty pathetic. I just wanted to ask if anyone can see a reason why someone would do this in this position besides greed.
Wtf is up with this dude?
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