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Why do people keep putting things in my way?

I work at a donut factory and for the past few weeks I’ve been noticing other people would deliberately put other equipment in my path. It has happened on multiple occasions and I know it’s done on purpose because for example, I could be picking up a stack of baskets to put the donuts in, and whenever I go back to get another stack, someone has put a tall cart right in front of the baskets where I have to move them myself each time. And it’s not like I’m not allowed to take the baskets, they’re literally there for anybody to get. There’s even been a time where a guy had just saw me get baskets and then tried to put a cart right behind me to block me from getting out. I just don’t know why it seems like it always happens to me and nobody else. The place has plenty of space so things like that wouldn’t happen but people are just idiots.
Why do people keep putting things in my way?
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