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Who else doesn't like competitive gaming?

Even though single-player story games can get boring every once in a while, competitive online games gives me a hard time. Anything competitive in general. The thing I hate is not only getting killed by someone, but having them rub it in my face. I'm emotionally unstable and I can't handle that shit. I just got done play this online game called Roblox. There are multiple games to play on it made by millions of different developers. Specifically sword-fighting games irritate me, it's been the oldest thing since 2004. This type of thing requires an insane amount of reflex, strategy, and experience. Every time one of those pro-players murder me and stomp on my body it just gives me a blood-boiling headache. I've been practicing for two months and my skills are still bad. It's like something that pro or average gamers have that I just don't. Most these pros are like not even my age yet. I've only just gotten into shooting and fighting games is to get better at them and learn to not take stuff personally. I want to improve reflex time and unpredictability but without throwing an internal tantrum at the same time. Yeah I sound like a crybaby right now and it's just a game but this annoys me.
Who else doesn't like competitive gaming?
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