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Why do I get away with everything and never get punished. Then why in the hell am I complaining about it?

It's like I want someone to report me for some of the things I do but if that happened I would wish that it didn't happen with everything inside of me LOL and I just makes people laugh at me and I'm embarrassed. I know you're probably wondering what it is I do. Drugs is one of the things the other things don't know if that would get me in trouble but I'd rather not say because you probably recognize me. I feel just like a an idiot.. I'll just say that you can KY with a lot if you're smart about it and practice moderation and use your head not your hands , you can be really a sleazy and do things that should probably get you in trouble but won't.. if that makes any sense at all. I will say that I did hurt someone and cause suffering even though I didn't mean to. I I think they should know I have failed to do anything to rectify my problems and have embraced awful thoughts. I feel like she has a right to know that before her time runs out to press charges. . I guess I'm not that crazy to feel that way because someone else that's a professional and that was the situation with me thanks that too , even without the girl that I harmed. This Probably sounds a lot worse than what it is I'll just say I don't think it would be a felony. And with my really good record I don't think that would be jail time although there should probably be a little bit. how do you deal with that? The thing is is a person usually don't unless you are an idiot like me. And I think that she probably wouldn't want there to be a punishment because it appears that I desire it. No I don't desire it, I probably deserve it there's a difference. But if you're just going to trash me and bring up mental health and tell me to go to therapy save it I please, I almost have a genius-level IQ and I know that I could probably use some therapy but I've been told it like 77 times. I appreciate it though
Why do I get away with everything and never get punished. Then why in the hell am I complaining about it?
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