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Are white people left unbothered by a racist business?

I recently experienced a racist business..- This isn’t my misinterpretation, or oversensitivity, as I’ve got the proof in writing. - I spent nearly $3000 on cosmetics procedures, and wasn’t satisfied with the outcome/treatment.- Their response to my complaint, contained racial slurs. - So I wrote a public review and attached the relevant evidence. - It wasn’t an attempt to sabotage their business, but to bring light to unethical business practices. - Despite my negative review, they continued to receive daily positive reviews and 10-20 customers, spending a minimum of £3K per customer daily (99.9% of their customers are super wealthy white women).- So would you say that the majority of white people would be completely unbothered by reading a racist review of a service - and would move forward with paying thousands of dollars for the service. - .. Or perhaps be all the more loyal to that business, given the inference that it is exclusively for white people?- Feel free to answer the question anonymously , if you don’t want to be judged by others.
Are white people left unbothered by a racist business?
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