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Help finding a book from childhood?

So I know this is different than many of the questions on here, but it’s driving me crazy that I can’t remember this book!

When I was in elementary school (2006 at the time), I was OBSESSED with this picture book. I can’t for the life of me remember the name.

Plot: It’s about a family, I think a mom, dad and daughter, who are really messy eaters. They wake up and eat breakfast messily, go shopping messily, eat a fancy spaghetti dinner messily, go the the circus and get popcorn everywhere (much to everyone’s disgust), and end up back home with a pet goat.

I know it sounds really strange, but what kids book isn’t? I may be forgetting some details but they are SUPER messy when they eat. Like, syrup running down the table, spaghetti on the floor, and popcorn on other people. I think the book title was “The Somethings”, “somethings” being their last name. The art was amazing and had so much detail, any kid would like it.

I know this is pretty vague but the book was so special to me, I’d love any suggestions! Thank you!
Help finding a book from childhood?
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