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Have as anyone else seen these monsters?

As I grow close to 5 5 decades wow I almost put five centuries that would make for a good post, as I grow closer to five decades I realized things about Humanity that frighten me. Go ahead and right now and point out that I'm not subtracting myself from this equation even though I am five centuries old LOL I don't know. It seems like people I'm more fake than I ever thought, even evil but not evil in the way that Orcs would be evil. You know from Lord of the Rings. Now it's much much more subtle. It's so subtle that you'd almost think it was the opposite. I don't know. I have a big heart but sometimes I wonder if it's grown cold and hard. I have no problem what's compassionate towards people who are getting the bad end of something. And now I'm not talking about a bunch of fools who didn't get their way in an election. No I'm not going to talk about the Trump supporters either talk about the one before that. They just by doing that right there I eliminated half the people that work somewhat sympathetic towards my post. Do you see how that works?
Have as anyone else seen these monsters?
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