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Racist or preference?

I personally think that saying that you don’t like black woman is racist and I have had some disagree ( most commonly white men)
They say that it’s a preference thing but I have to disagree
Black woman come in a multitude of shades shapes and have a wide variety of features
So I think it’s racist to say you’re not interested a whole race of people

I’m a black woman I have medium length dark brown hair and green eyes I prefer white men but I’ve dated black people white people hispanic people and Asian people. Race has never been a issue or a reason I didn’t find someone attractive.
I do prefer men with dark hair and light colored eyes which is most common in white men hence my preference but my current boyfriend is Latino but has black hair and green/hazel eyes so he fits what I like

But anyway what’s your opinion do you think it’s a preference to not find a entire race unattractive
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HelloThereAwsome I get that you are racist and angry about my beliefs but by you spamming and being disrespectful it’s making it extremely hard to answer your questions so if you could pick a location for all your questions I’d be happy to answer
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Honestly I wasn’t asking y’all so y’all can change my mind because you can’t I was just curious on peoples justification on being low key racist and I was hoping more people people who are like me that actually are attracted to people regardless of race would respond as much as the people trying to justify there actions.

No I’m not upset someone turned me down 😂
I haven’t been rejected because of my race since I was in high school
Racist or preference?
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